PrepLinc Product Line

GPC Cleanup

The leaders in GPC Cleanup for 18 years, J2's PrepLinc GPC offers all the features in an economical package.

Automated SPE

Automating SPE with positive pressure and programmable flow rates decreases labor while increasing repeatability and precision.

Large Volume SPE

PrepLinc LVi offers true large volume water automation - load 1-liter 16 samples and walk away!

AccuVap Concentrator

Concetrate samples with offline or in conjunction with your GPC or SPE system.  Unique chamber gives ultimate control and flexibility.


J2 has the solution for high-lipid GPC Cleanup samples.  Never split a sample into multiple injections again!

Dioxin/POPs Cleanup

Full automation for the complex Dioxin/POPs cleanup steps.  Column and method flexibility make PrepLinc the obvious answer.

Other Products

GPC Cleanup Columns

Traditional GPC Cleanup columns to match every method.  Express GPC Cleanup columns to decrease run time.  Plus, repacking services.

Positive Pressure Manifolds

When full automation is not needed, you can still have a precision positive pressure SPE system in your lab.