GPC Cleanup Columns

Traditional Columns


 The column referenced in USEPA SW-846 Method 3640A. With a long bed of BioBeads S-X3 resin, the traditional column provides enough resolution to meet CLP requirements time after time. Up to one gram of lipid per sample can be loaded onto the column, making it useful for most matrices. Moveable plungers and a simple design make repacking easy and economical. While methylene chloride is the referenced solvent system, others are available for labs trying to limit chlorinated solvent waste. 

Express Columns


Express is a column option that provides a faster run time and less solvent consumption for labs that do not have to meet CLP requirements. This smaller, repackable column still operates at low pressures for instruments that have pre-set pressure limits. Used in FDA and USDA labs, the Express™ column removes the bulk of lipids in fatty matrices prior to GC analysis. Up to 0.5 grams of lipid can be loaded per sample. By reducing time and solvent by one half, the Express™ column makes adding GPC cleanup to the prep routine cost effective. 

Repacking Services


 Anticipating a large influx of samples?

Peak resolution starting to decrease?

Get your column professionally repacked with all recommended replacement parts and a full calibration.

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Traditional 100% DCM Calibration Chromatogram


Express 100% DCM Calibration Chromatogram