Positive Pressure Manifolds

48 Position PPM


96 Well Plate PPM


Compact, economical and easy-to-use manifolds for any SPE application

All positions are individually regulated to provide even pressure to each column

Dual flow regulators allow users to set two different pressure for elutions and column drying

Regulated flow from 0 to 50 mL/min.  Full flow mode for column drying.

Accommodate many column sizes

96PPM - 96 & 48 position well plates

48PPM - 1mL, 3mL, 6mL, 10mL or 15mL columns

Collect rack options

Standard trays for collecting into 16mm or 13mm vials.  Custom trays upon request.

Positive Pressure from Nitrogen or Air

Positive pressure gives precise results run-to-run and operator-to-operator.  Use nitrogen or air, as necessary for your method.