PrepLinc Inline SPE System


The PrepLinc SPEi from J2 Scientific accentuates our line of full-featured automated sample prep instruments.  The SPEi system uses positive pressure for consistent flow sample to sample and run to run.  The intuitive software and range of parameters make method development easy.  Converting any manual SPE method to automated takes no time.  Use the SPEi as a stand-alone automated SPE system or integrate with other PrepLinc modules, like the AccuVap Evaporation Modules or GPC Cleanup module for a completely automated sample prep system.

Method Compatibility

SPE for Environmental, Water, Food, Pharma and Forensics samples.

EPA Method 3535 Solid Phase Extraction

EPA Column Cleanup Methods:  3610B - Alumina; 3611B - Alumina for Petroluem Waste; 3620C - Florisil; 3630C - Silica

SPE methods from AOAC, ASTM, USDA and other agencies

Cartridge Compatibility

Use cartridges from 1mL to 15mL, plus many specialty and flash columns.  Optional Large Volume Injection for SPE discs.

Sample Capacity

The system can be scaled to meed labe needs; add up to 3 columns modules for processing XX samples unattended.

Positive Pressure

The use of positive pressure sample injection and solvent elutions is precise and repeatable.  Pressure monitoring protects samples and equipment.

Solvent Select

Choose from 3 (standard) or 12 solvents (optional)  or solvent mixes in a single method.


Reverse Elution

The only automated SPE system to offer reverse elution through any cartridge at any stage in the method.

PrepLinc Software

Create sample, single-column or complex, multi-column methods using the same intuitive method editor.  Method programming steps include:  condition, sample introduction, wash, wait/soak, dilution, mix, N2 purge and wash.  

Configuration Options

Add column modules to increase through-put.

Process with different cartridges on each column module.

Add AccuVap for inline concentration.