GPC MaXX is a solution for high-lipid samples that eliminates the need to split the sample and perform multiple runs on the same sample.  

Theory of Operation

The typical lipid load for traditional GPC columns is not more than 1g of lipid per 5mL injection.  Traditional GPC cleanup methods may have required multiple GPC runs to achieve complete lipid removal for high lipid samples.  The PrepLinc GPC MaXX feature allows the user to process the sample through two columns in series, increasing the lipid capacity up to 5X with minimal increase in run time compared to a regular injection.  With GPC MaXX maximum separation can be achieved in one sample injection.

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What to purchase

GPC MaXX can be added to an existing PrepLinc GPC system by purchasing a multi-column selector and the GPC MaXX software license.  You will need a second column, as well, packed in the same mobile phase as your current column.

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