PrepLinc LVi SPE Water Extraction System


The PrepLinc LVi SPE Water Extraction System performs SPE extraction on large volume water samples with elegance and ease.  Specialized SPE column modules accomodate water extraction discs, as well as, standard SPE columns.  The precision of the LVi pump module gives the necessary control of sample introductions to the extraction media.  Flow sensors and smart sample loading keep samples processing and avoid errors.  The newest and most trouble-free system for large-volume water extraction automation.

Method Compatibility

SPE for large volume Environmental, Water, Food, Pharma and Forensics samples.

EPA Method 3535 Solid Phase Extraction

EPA 500 & 600 Series Water Methods

Flow Control

Pump module gives consistent sample flow rates up to 50 mL/min.  Select from 12 solvents for rinses, washes and elutions.


User programmable bottle rinses after sample injection and at many points during sample processing to ensure recoveries and eliminate carry-over.

Probe Depth

Select probe depth for sample pickup to avoid sediment.

Select probe depth for bottle rinse to maximize recoveries.

Cartridge Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of water extraction cartridges and discs up to 50 x 120mm.


PrepLinc Software

Create simple, single-column or complex, multi-column methods using the same intuitive method editor.  Method programming steps include:  condition, sample introduction, wash, wait/soak, dilution, mix, N2 purge and wash.  

Tray Options

Capacity for up to 24 1-liter or 12 2-liter samples.

Module Integration

Add an AccuVap for the ability to perform final concentrations after cleanup or concentrate fractions between cleanup steps.

Add a secondary cleanup module to perform another SPE step after initial extraction.