PrepLinc GPC Cleanup Systems


The PrepLinc GPC Cleanup System performs cleanup of a wide range of samples including foods, tissues, grains, plants and environmental samples such as soil, sludge and hazardous waste.  Using our experiance with GPC Cleanup, J2 Scientific as perfected it on this new platform.  All the unique features of previous models are combined with high-powered software and the ability for further automation by combining GPC with other prep processes on the PrepLinc.

Meets Regulatory Guidelines

Meets guidelines for US EPA, US FDA, USDA, USGS, Centers for Disease Control (CDC), CLP, EN 1528, EN 12393, L 00.0034, AOAC, DFG S19 and Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Methods for GPC Clean-Up.

Septum Piercing

A standard feature in all PrepLinc systems.  Allows both sample and collect vials to be capped to eliminate contamination and evaporation.

Direct Inject

Injectin the entire samples onto the column eliminates data factoring and is essential for lowering detection limits.

Probe Control

Probe depths that are user programmable and probe SmartTrack keep contact with the sample to a minimum.  Programmable rinse volumes and solvents eliminate cross-contamination.

Column Compatibility

The system is compatible with Traditional Glass columns and high pressure GPC Cleanup columns from many manufacturers


PrepLinc Software

Create GPC Cleanup Methods directly from the column calibration file.  Use the defined method templates for GPC Cleanup and Column calibration or create a specialized method with multiple collect or dump fractions using the method builder.  Standard reports for Method, Sequence and Column Calibration, including Calibration Comparison report.

Tray Options

A variety of sample and collect trays are available.  Collecting into the vial you will concentrate in reduces sample transfer and increases recoveries.

Module Integration

The PrepLinc GPC Cleanup modules integrates withe other PrepLinc modules for increased automation.  Add an AccuVap module for inline concentration of GPC Collect fraction.  Pre or Post Cleanup with PrepLinc SPE.  


Two autosampler sizes fit any lab situation. The AS4m, with a smaller footprint, still processes a full batch of samples completely unattended.

PrepLinc GPC Jr


The PrepLinc ™ GPC Jr Dual Loop Manual Gel Permeation Chromatography Cleanup System meets the needs of labs with few GPC Cleanup samples to process.

This manual version of our popular PrepLinc™ GPC shares many of the features of its big brother! Jr boasts a unique dual-loop design that allows continuous processing without an interruption between samples like most manually loaded systems. By sounding an audible alert, PrepLinc ™ GPC Jr lets the user know when the next sample can be loaded, without interrupting the current sample that is processing.

The PrepLinc ™ GPC Jr is controlled via intuitive software. An integrated PC is included with the system, giving all the benefits of Windows-based software without adding a PC to your bench top. Easy-to-navigate screens, make programming method data simple.  Methods are saved for repeated runs. The solvent pump is controlled for flow rate and automatic shut-down at the end of the sample run.


- Manual injection with syringe.

- 2.5mL or 5.0mL sample loops are standard.

- Loop Over-Fill, Partial Loop or Direct Inject

Solvent Pump

Integrated high-pressure solvent pump.

- 0-2500 psig

- 0 - 9.9 mL/min

UV Detector

An internal fixed wavelength detector is

available with a 254nm or 280nm lamp. Or

use an existing external detector.

GPC Cleanup Options

Multi-Column Selector

Connect up to 4 GPC Cleanup columns to the valve and choose between them in the software. Can use multiple columns in the same sequence if they use the same mobile phase. Or add the Multi-Solvent Selector to use methods that use different columns and solvents in the same sequence.

Multi-Solvent Selector

For use with the Multi-Column Selector Valve. Use up to 4 different solvent systems in the same sequence.

Solvent Bottle Level Sensor

Monitors solvent level in the mobile phase bottle and signals the user when the level falls below the sensor. If the level is not replenished before the end of the current sample, the system will pause

to allow for replenishment before the next sample starts.

Ultra High Pressure Pump

For operating pressures up to 5500 psi. Replaces standard high pressure pump which operates at pressures up to 2500 psi.  Necessary for some high pressure Prep columns.

UV Detectors

Options for fixed or variable UV detectors.  Fixed detectors can be mounted in the GPC module to save space and decrease sample flow path.  Various wavelength and wavelength range options available.

Micro-PC for Control

Let us supply our Micro-PC that mounts behind a flat panel monitor.  The full-featured Windows PC has been spec'd to meet the demands of the PrepLinc software and saves precious bench space.


J2 Scientific offers low-pressure GPC Cleanup Columns packed to your method specifications.  


Application Notes

APN-130_GPC Cleanup Using EPA Method 3640A on the PrepLinc GPC System (pdf)